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Heather Hoch
Look, ma! I made my own cold brew, and you can too!
Last week, I told everyone just how much I love cold brew coffee. From the unique, smooth flavor to the higher caffeine content, cold brew is pretty much the only way I get my mornings started. However, I also mentioned that my favorite cold brew at Cartel is $3.75 per 16 ounce cup so I wanted to see how much it would cost to make my own cold brew at home. While there are more expensive toddy systems and Oji systems out there, you really don't need a lot more than a container, some ground coffee beans, water, and time.

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What you'll need:
9 ounces of coffee beans, ground coarsely
1 gallon of water
A large container/pitcher
A nut milk bag

Heather Hoch
The Coffee:
The first step is selecting your coffee. I grabbed a bag of Yirg Z natural coffee (a.k.a. unwashed) from Cartel for $19. They carry cheaper beans and you can certainly get yours at your favorite roaster too, but the barista recommended this variety for cold brew. However, Cartel also experiments in combining roasts and beans, which is why their cold brew's flavor varies from day to day.

In terms of the grind, you want a more coarse coffee grind for cold brew. It makes the flavor less bitter and means less filtering and residue for your coffee.

Heather Hoch
The Water:
Next you'll want to choose your water. Again, at the barista's recommendation, I bought a gallon of Arrowhead water for a little over a dollar, which he said most closely mimics the water they use for their cold brew. Make sure the water is chilled before you use it.

Heather Hoch
The Tools:
You can buy a nut milk bag for $11 from Whole Foods and I bought a handy container with a pour spout from Target for $9.

In total, I spent about $40 for a gallon of toddy or eight 16-ounce portions for $5. However, next time I will only have to spend about $20 to remake a gallon, since the container and nut milk bag are reusable, which brings the cost down to $2.50 per 16 ounce portion. Not too shabby.

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