Einstein Bros. Is Giving Away BOGO Bagel Sandwiches Today

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Bagel sandwich for you and a friend.
Did you have breakfast yet? Okay, good, us neither. So that means you can go over to Einstein Bros. and buy a bagel sandwich and get a free one for us, too, right? Today only, Einstein locations are offering a free applewood bacon and cheddar egg sandwich when you buy one in honor of a holiday they made up called "Friend Appreciation Day."

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The made-up holiday means you get free food day! Be as cynical as you want over the obviousness of this PR move, but free is free and bagels are great. Especially when they have bacon, egg, and cheese.

With 30 participating Valley locations, you have plenty of options to go pick up a free bagel sandwich. It's up to you whether you actually give it to a friend, but make sure you bring a coupon to get the deal in either case.

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Carin Davis
Carin Davis

Thanks Facebook for not showing me this until almost 10 pm.

Canyon Telecom Inc
Canyon Telecom Inc

Is buy one get one free now considered 'giving away'? No fault of yours PNT...And minus cynicism...buy one, get one is not free. CT

Bret Deering
Bret Deering

Damn, I'm too locked in with appointments...that figures and should always stick with my half day wednesdays.

Ev Wesson
Ev Wesson

Anthony Wesson Jr. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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