Chef Eddie Matney's Eddie's House Restaurant Files for Bankruptcy, Will Remain Open

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Eddie's House will remain open despite filing for bankruptcy protection earlier this month.
It's been almost exactly a year since longtime Valley chef Eddie Matney last made headlines for something besides his cooking.

This time, it's because the chef's five-year-old Scottsdale restaurant, Eddie's House, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in order to settle a claim with the Arizona Department of Revenue, Phoenix Business Journal reports. The restaurant will remain open while the issue is resolved.

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According to the Phoenix Business Journal, Eddie's House filed for bankruptcy protection on April 18. The restaurant owes money to various creditors including Arizona Public Service and Southwest Gas, the city of Scottsdale tax and licensing department, and OpenTable Inc. The Arizona Department of Revenue also has a claim of $518,913.48 against the restaurant.

Attorney Thomas Allen, who's representing Matney, told the Journal that the main reason for the filing is to reorganize and settle the tax dispute with the ADOR. The restaurant will remain open while that happens.

Matney is not the first well-known restaurateur to have filed for bankruptcy in recent memory. In 2012 Peter Kasperski of Cowboy Ciao restaurant and Kazimierz World Wine Bar did the same in order to settle debts with the Arizona Department of Revenue and IRS, among others.

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If you cant pay your bills get out of business.  It's douchbags like this that cause all of us to pay higher rates and taxes.

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