Dominique Ansel Cronut Bakery in New York Closed Due to Mouse Infestation

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Rachel Miller
Bad news for cronut fans, good news for New York area mice. (Note: These cronuts were made in a rodent-free zone!)
The cronut fad has seemingly passed, but some little critters still can't get enough of Dominique Ansel's fad fusion pastry. Over the weekend, Ansel's bakery closed after a video chronicling the New York bakery's serious mouse infestation surfaced. Whether this is the official death knell of all things cronut obsession, we're sure there are a few people who spent hours in line waiting for the pastry that would be mighty upset to know their hip treat was prepped in a facility along side the pests.

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While the video only clearly shows one mouse scurrying through the bakery, health officials temporarily shut down the shop after an investigation, according to the New York Times. The article says the bakery received an A from health inspectors on last inspection in October, but noted "evidence of mice and flies in areas where food was prepared and served." Yikes.

The news came after Ansel's kind of ridiculous latest pastry creation-- the cookie shot glass full of milk-- premiered at South by Southwest in Austin. Dominique Ansel rocketed to fame with the cronut and is even a current James Beard award semi-finalist for Outstanding Pastry Chef, though having a vermin infested bakery probably isn't helping his chances of winning the prestigious culinary award.

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