Corazon Mexican Cocina in Central Phoenix: Homemade Horchata and Chilaquiles Off the Beaten Path

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Natalie Miranda
Corazon Mexican Cocina

Several members of the Chow Bella team noticed a now brightly painted Mexican restaurant, Corazon Mexican Cocina, and sent me to investigate.

Before the facelift, the spot was known as Altamar Mexican Grill and still operates under the same owners. We approached with the question: Truly authentic Mexican food, or another wasted attempt at finding treasure in an unexpected spot?

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A word of caution: If your visit falls during a time when the restaurant is empty, it might take a few minutes for the staff to realize they have guests.

The menu options were a little pricier than we expected, causing us to wonder if our wallets were about to be taken advantage of, or if we had just come upon a new Mexican favorite.

For starters, the horchata was homemade, made obvious by the settling of the ingredients on the bottom. It definitely made its way onto our list of favorite horchatas in the Valley.

Natalie Miranda
Chilaquiles plate

The chilaquiles came in a fresh, spicy green sauce with two eggs over easy on top. Mixed in with the fried tortilla strips was tomato, onion and a hint of lemon. The mixture was not overwhelming and complimented the strips, which soaked up the sauce to soften their texture. The portion size was a little less than we hoped for, but the flavor beat out our expectation. A side of beans accompanied the dish, with a sprinkle of Cotija cheese on top.

Location Info

Corazon Mexican Cocina

4310 E. McDowell Rd., Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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