Chilaquiles Battle: La Tolteca vs. Pepe's Taco Villa

Natalie Miranda
Chilaquiles from La Tolteca.

Crispy fried tortilla strips smothered in sauce that makes the nose run, covered with cheese, a fried egg and chicken. We're talking chilaquiles.

The Mexican breakfast dish -- which is perfect for any time of day -- makes us want to rewind our meal just to savor the flavors once again. Finding a spot to order them is not hard in the metro Phoenix area with the endless amount of Mexican restaurants filling the streets.

But we narrowed the field to La Tolteca and Pepe's Taco Villa, putting the two head to head this week in a chilaquiles showdown.

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In This Corner: La Tolteca

Natalie Miranda

The Setting: Tolteca is your go-to for Mexican consumables. It's a panaderia, carniceria, market and restaurant, meant to take care of all your needs. Their pandulce is amazing, and you cannot go wrong with anything on their menu.

The Good: The chilaquiles falls off the plate when your order is ready. Fried tortillas are piled high with sour cream, avocado, scrambled egg and chicken, all in a generous portion of red sauce. The sauce covers everything on the plate, but the chicken still maintains its flavor. Both flavors mesh well together, leaving a savory spicy flavor in the mouth. We've never had chilaquiles with avocado, but like everything else it only made the experience better.

The Bad: Even though the sauce was flavorful, the other elements were swimming in it. The sauce still would've made its impact without overdoing it. For the amount of food on the plate, there was not enough egg, and it was a hit or miss find.

Location Info

La Tolteca

1205 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Pepe's Taco Villa

2108 W. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Kandice Marie
Kandice Marie

i don't see any queso fresco on those chilaquiles

Kay Morris
Kay Morris

we're also talking gross. Sorry.

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