Charleen Badman of FnB Restaurant: 2014 Urban Legend Award, Culinary Arts

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Lauren Saria
Charleen Badman in her home garden.
In honor of the fifth annual Big Brain Awards, New Times is recognizing five Urban Legends, established creative pioneers who have made Phoenix a better, cooler place.

Leading up to the Big Brain Awards announcement and Artopia on April 25, Jackalope Ranch, Chow Bella, and Up on the Sun will profile the legends. Up today: Charleen Badman.

"We'll accomplish so much more if we work together," FnB chef Charleen Badman says.

She's sitting in one of the cozy dining rooms at her Scottsdale restaurant talking about her vision for schools and food education. The James Beard Award-nominated chef is passionate about lots of things -- yoga, gardening, and, of course, cooking -- and near (if not at) the top of the list is teaching young people where food comes from.

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Lauren Saria
Badman's home garden includes two garden beds packed with herbs, vegetables, and fruit.

"You have to start young," she says. "It would have been helpful if someone had started [teaching] me earlier."

Badman has become famous for her singular capability to turn vegetables into culinary masterpieces, but she admits she wasn't always a veggie lover.

In 2010, Badman made drastic changes to her diet and lifestyle, including giving up meat (though she still tastes everything that comes out of the kitchen at FnB). As a result, she began to focus more on cooking with vegetables both at home and at the restaurant, which in turn led to an interest in gardening. The hobby started with pots on her apartment patio and since has grown to include two four-by-four-foot garden beds, two large composters, and dozens of potted plants.

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My wife and I finally made it to FnB two weekends ago and the hype we had built up to ourselves would be tough to live up to. The experience exceeded our own hype, each dish became our new favorite. The lamb mina (I think that's right) was a dumpling/ravioli stuffed with lamb and topped with a yogurt sauce and may be the best things I've ever eaten. FnB is proof that we can have nice things.

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