How the California Drought Will Affect Your Grocery Bill

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Packaged salads and avocados are about to get pricier next time you checkout.
Adding to the lime shortage from Mexico, this season's serious drought in California could mean a higher total on your grocery bill. Produce such as lettuce, avocados, grapes, and stone fruit will see dramatic price increases as the drought drives farmers to either decrease the amount they plant this season or not plant at all, according to NBC Bay Area.

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While California is experiencing one of the worst droughts in recent history (right after a freeze in January that also damaged crops), produce prices at grocery stores across the country are on the rise. According to ASU News, Professor Timothy Richards of the W.P. Carey School of Business says that price increases of up to 34 percent could be hitting store shelves for many common fruits and vegetables from California. Richards estimates the following increases:

Courtesy of ASU News

Packaged salads and avocados will see the biggest increases, which means it might not be a bad idea to start your own garden up as the drought wears on.

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