5 Things to Know When Traveling to Cooking Schools Abroad

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Kate Crowley
The Blue Elephant Cooking School is a fancy place to learn to cook in Bangkok

Having traveled abroad recently for a series of cooking classes, it became apparent to me that there are some things to "know before you go."

Here it is, stuff you should keep in mind as you book a trip of a lifetime to learn how to cook native cuisine in the country of your choice....If you want to keep your dignity and your digits.

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Kate Crowley
You're going to need to be steady with your knife to make these flowers.
You should probably brush up on your knife skills.
American cooking tends to revolve around convenience. Cook anywhere else (China, France, Mexico) and you're likely going to need to chop, dice, fillet, mince, and slice...a lot! Some schools will prepare things ahead of time, especially for a demo class. You don't want to be the student who can't remember the difference between chopped and minced and you don't want to hold up the group because you can't go fast enough. Another problem- you likely don't want to cut your finger badly while traveling abroad. This means a little practice will go a long way.

Check into the class size before you go.
Ideally, a demo and hands-on class should be between 4 and 8 people. 12 maximum. A demo only class (where the teacher cooks and explains as they go and you sit in your chair) can handle about 20. If the number seems high to you, ask how many assistants help with the class to get an idea of the kind of attention you'll be getting. Serious schools will already know their maximum number.

Do not book a class your first day...or your second day.
I learned this one the hard way. My second day in Hong Kong was a full day, during which I learned that wok cooking, a strict teacher and hot oil and jet lag do not mix. Unless you're only traveling a few time zones, give yourself time to adjust or book a 2 or 3 hour class to start. Trying to concentrate all day, stand in a hot kitchen, etc., will only be exacerbated by bad jet lag.

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