Sazon Bachta Restaurant Is Now Open: Caribbean, Cuban Fare Arrive on Grand Avenue

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Lauren Saria
Sazon Bachata on Grand Avenue
If you've been waiting for authentic Caribbean food to arrive in Phoenix, we're happy to announce your wait is finally over. About two weeks ago, Sazon Bachata Restaurant opened at 906 North 15th Avenue, just south of the intersection of Grand and 15th Avenue. The restaurant is run by a family from the Dominican Republic and is serving a menu of Caribbean and Cuban food.

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The small restaurant offers about a half-dozen tables -- all of which were packed with families when we stopped in on a Friday afternoon, so be prepared to wait.

You'll find el menu de hoy -- or "the menu today" -- written on the front chalkboard wall. It contains items like tilapia en coco ($9), bistec en casuela ($19), and pollo guisado ($8). Breakfast options include steamed yucca, fruit smoothies, eggs, and mangu, or mashed plantains.

The restaurant also posts the daily selection on the Sazon Bachata Facebook page.

Chef Jhony Peña brings two decades of experience in the kitchen to the family-run restaurant. And while the menu will focus on cuisine from the Dominican Republic and Caribbean, you can also look out for dishes from Central and South American, Mexico, and more.

Sazon Bachata
906 N. 15th Ave.
7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday

Lauren Saria
Inside Sazon Bachata

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Sazon Bachata Restaurant

906 N 15th Ave, Phoenix, AZ

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Just want to clarify that it is Dominican food not cuban. Also it is menu of the day not menu today.

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