Peace Pi Plans World's Largest Pie Fight in Phoenix on March 15

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Peace Pi pie fights are all about love... and pie.
Pretty much nothing in the world sounds more appealing than smacking someone in the face with a pie. Well the folks over at Peace Pi have a way for you to channel all your pastry-fueled aggression for a good cause this Saturday when the mathematically inspired Pi Day weekend hits. With six color-coded pies, you can choose where your money goes while plotting who gets a pie to the face at the grand opening of Walter Studios Creative Arts Center.

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Although the pies are not toxic and biodegradable, you're not supposed to eat them, not that you'd really even want to when you're fully allowed to chuck them at people. Blue pies are for educational causes, green are for environmental, pink are for the arts, orange are for food nutrition, purple are for health and welfare, and yellow go to global causes. Event organizers say the buzz around the event is getting bigger every day and estimate that perhaps 1000 people could be participating in Saturday's event, although it's difficult to say for sure until the big day comes.

Phoenix Spokes People will be there to offer bike valet services, in case you don't want to get your car covered in pie when you head home. There will also be an indoor beer garden courtesy of Angels Trumpet Ale House and even a visit by Walter, the world's largest VW bus.

$10 admission gets you in with two peace pies and kids 10 and under can get in free. First pies will be thrown at 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 15. For more information, visit the Peace Pi website.

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Walter Studios Creative Arts Center

834 North Seventh Avenue, Phoenix, AZ

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The Wallace & Ladmo Fan Club
The Wallace & Ladmo Fan Club

Will they be merely wasting food? Or do they plan on giving any food to homeless shelters, food banks or Saint Vincent De Paul?


Hello there... great question and concern. We had the same concern ourselves. The pies will be made of dried milk flakes and baking soda so as to decrease wasted materials. In an effort to further eliminate waste, we have prepared a mulch bed where the pie fights will occur and ingredients will fall. We will then be cleaning up the pie mixture and mulch and making it into recycled mulch bags that will be gifted to various local communities and organizations for gardens and whatnot. We will be raising money for local causes in the food, educational, health and wellness, and art arenas. Doing our best to make this as green and beneficial to our community as we can.

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