Little Miss BBQ Brings Central Texas-Style BBQ to Phoenix. Go Now.

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Lauren Saria
A two-meat plate.
The ribs are also a solid option and frankly, we were surprised by how much we liked the pastrami. The salty, smoky, and well-spiced beef was probably our second favorite meat. The sausage is also worth a try, as it's made in-house daily with scraps of other meats.

We got the very last scoop of Little Miss' beans when we went through the line at about 12:15, and we very glad we did. They feature about as much meat as they do beans, which ensures that they'll be anything but an afterthought on your plate. And as for those cheddar and jalapeño grits: Get them. Little Miss' are less creamy than they are, well, gritty but pack a flavorful punch of cheese and heat. The coleslaw is also a nice route, as it's not mayonnaise-based but rather tangy, crunchy, and slightly sweet.

Nothing here needs sauce or comes with it -- after all, that is the trademark of Texas barbecue -- but you'll find three on them on the table. There's a nice BBQ sauce that's not too sweet and an even better spicy sauce that's no so much "spicy" as it is tangy. The mustard-based sauce is another choice if you've ordered sausage.

There are just a handful of tables inside Little Miss BBQ, as most of the small space is taken up by the counter where you order your food. But that's fine because, as long as the weather allows, you'll probably want to sit outside on the corrugated-metal covered patio. Sitting at one of the wooden picnic tables with a view of the smoker as you chow down on excellent BBQ, you'll probably feel you've been transported to a completely different state.

Scott says he has a few more plans for Little Miss, including hosting live bands and perhaps (we'll keep our fingers crossed) a liquor license. Either way, we'll be back -- and next time on a Friday or Saturday, when they add beef short ribs to the menu options.

In case you're wondering, they do plan on increasing the number of briskets they cook each day. Soon enough, Scott says they'll have to start smoking them in two shifts. Or maybe three. For now, just plan to get there as close to 11 a.m. as you can.

For updates check out the Little Miss BBQ Facebook and website.

Lauren Saria
Scott serves brisket inside Little Miss BBQ.

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