Grey Tie Events Helps You Spice Up Your Next Party with Dapper Chefs

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Courtesy of Grey Tie Events.
Finally you can just pay a man to cook with you and talk to you thanks to Grey Tie Events.
In a world of Hooters, Twin Peaks, and Tilted Kilt-style breastaurants, it's nice to know that ladies can get some classy culinary man candy thanks to Grey Tie Events. The new local chef-for-hire cooking-class service focuses on teaching culinary skills to party-goers with the added bonus of "witty banter" and sharp-dressed men. Take away the part where we have to do the cooking and you have yourself a deal.

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Although Grey Tie's owner, Heidi Lee, aims to leave customers "perfectly pampered and utterly adored" through her man-chefs' "tantalizing dishes . . . chivalry, humor, and a little playful banter," we feel a cooking class seems equal amounts fun and work with little actual pampering. We'd prefer to just hire a cute chef to cook for us, without the work. Though the concept seems hokey, it's nice to see some equality going on in the foodie-ogling world, although we're still holding out for Amy Schumer's O'Nutters concept.

Classes through Grey Tie Events start at $75 per person. If you're interested in booking your own bit of man meat, you can find more information on the Grey Tie Events website or you can call 602-738-2665 for more information.

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Thanks for the post, Heather.  Just want to clarify to all you ladies out don't have to cook, at all!!  You pick the chef and the menu and we bring the party to you.  Ogling, eating and a few cocktails are all that's required of you.  Check us

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