15 Things We Ate and Drank Saturday at Devoured Food + Wine Classic 2014

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Evie Carpenter
Lobster from Tonto Bar and Grill.
Lon's at the Hermosa Inn offered a nice bite in the form of a beet salad with housemade bacon and ricotta cheese, though it wasn't one of the most memorable dishes of the day. We were also disappointed by the shrimp bahn mi from Clever Koi. The sandwich featured a strange shrimp patty accompanied by yuzu slaw, Sriracha aioli and black sesame bun that fell on the drier side than we would have liked.

Chef Michael Rusconi served a tasty Dungeness crab and shrimp salad with yellow gazpacho and avocado that -- like many of the layered dishes of the day -- was difficult to eat out of a small cup. Another inconveniently-plated but enjoyable dish came from Cartwright's Sonoran Ranch House, which served a warm canella braised duck with bourbon braised peaches, smoky bleu cheese, and a crostini.

Gertrude's at the Desert Botanical Garden served one of the most interesting bites of the day, in the form of a saffron macaron with coriander ganache and a cilantro marshmallow. The restaurant's savory dish, which combined goat, tepary beans, smoked corn, and cotija cheese, didn't bowl us over. St. Francis' Skuna Bay citus and beet-cured salmon with dill pickled mustard seed and crème fraiche made for a simple but refreshing bite. And The Vig's piping hot gazpacho was a surprisingly complex and delicious dish.

There's no way we could have tried all of the wines at this year's event and remained upright but of those we did, one of our favorites was the 2013 Meskeoli from Dos Cabezas Wineworks. The white wine blends a unique variety of grapes including Voignier, Reisling, Albarito, Muscat, and Malvasia to create a well balanced and easy to enjoy wine. Winemaker Todd Bostock joined three other Arizona winemakers -- Kent Callagan of Callaghan Vineyards, Maynard James Keenan of Caduceus Cellars, and Rob Hammelmann of Sand-Reckoner Vineyards -- for an Arizona Winemaker's panel led by Pavle Millic of FnB Restaurant in Scottsdale. Each of the winemakers poured one of their wines, talked about the state of Arizona wines, and fielding questions from the audience.

Evie Carpenter
The Arizona Winemakers panel.

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Devoured completely lived up to the hype...and it sure had a lot of hype. My wife and I had an absolute blast on Saturday. The weather turned out to be perfect. The real treat for us (which was unexpected as we had not been before) was the wine! We walked away with  a pretty healthy amount. The Habit wine was our favorite and I knew I recognized that guy from somewhere....he's the voice and inspiration for the character Jeff in American Dad....funny stuff. We thought Bootleggers and T Cooks were most impressive but everyone put out really quality stuff. I don't think we ever waited more than 30 seconds for bites either. Just a very well run event.....we will be back next year. Might even join the Art Museum....great venue!


Ugh, the shrimp patty thing from Clever Koi was disgusting. It was one of the grosser things I've put in my mouth in a long time and the texture was like cold seafood jellow. I spat it out immediately. They also tried to leave way early and were very rude immature divas to the people running the event. I've noticed the rudest, most insecure chefs are often the worst at their jobs. I will never eat at that restaurant.

The punch was absurdly delicious and worth the price of admission. I want to try to recreate it at home. 

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