Casa Reynoso Tempe vs. Casa Reynoso Chandler: Battle of the Restaurants

Natalie Miranda
Casa Reynoso in Tempe

We love family. But we also love competition among family members. It's in our blood to want to be the best or have an edge over that one relative. Bring cooking into the equation and it becomes a battle. Casa Reynoso is a longtime staple in Tempe, cooking up Mexican food made to comfort and welcome us. Robert, son of Tempe owners Antonio and Roberta, has his own Casa Reynoso in a Chandler strip mall. The Reynoso chain is rooted in family ties and started in Globe in 1984, then moved to the Valley with encouragement from Antonio's mother, Salustia.

We set out to find out who would win the battle: the parents or the son?

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At each restaurant, we ordered the same dishes: green chili mix chimichanga, combination No. 7 plate, with an enchilada, beef taco and chile relleno, and an ice cream dessert.

In This Corner: Casa Reynoso Tempe

The Setup: You've probably passed this restaurant many times. It's literally tucked in the corner of a Fry's shopping center. The quaint place is filled with Mexican décor, and Mexican music plays in the background. The restaurant has been around since the '80s, so it's not rare to see the servers and cooks catching up with customers, asking how their families are doing.

Natalie Miranda
Green chili mix chimichanga from Casa Reynoso

The Good: First, the green chili mix chimichanga. There was a good balance of meat and sauce in the chimichanga, with most of the flavor coming from the green chili, which had a little kick to it. It came with complimentary guacamole and sour cream on the side, which we loved.

Natalie Miranda
Combination No. 7 plate from Casa Reynoso

Combination No. 7 was next: A red cheese enchilada, beef taco, chile relleno, and rice and beans on the side. Biting into the chile relleno was like biting into a pocketful of cheese. It was perfect. The breading was not too thick and definitely not drenched in grease. Tender, juicy beef is the way to go. The taco did everything right and didn't last long on our plate. The rice was perfectly seasoned and fresh. We don't like when beans are weighed down with lard, and if these ones were, we couldn't tell because they carried a thin consistency, lending well to the dish.

Natalie Miranda
Fried ice cream from Casa Reynoso

To top off the meal we ordered fried ice cream, which traditionally is a scoop of ice cream that has been breaded and fried and served with whipped cream and cinnamon on top. Casa Reynoso had cinnamon and whipped cream, but it was deep-fried with shredded coconut. It was a new experience and a technique new to us.

The Bad: Because of the lack of flavor, the pork in the chimichanga didn't do much to elevate the dish.

We had to give our red enchiladas a dash of salt to give the flavor some oomph. There was only a thin layer of cheese inside, so what we basically got was a tortilla in sauce, garnished with cheese.

With the expectation of a traditional, breaded scoop of ice cream, that's what we wanted. A forewarning would've softened the blow.

Location Info

Casa Reynoso

3138 S. Mill Ave., Tempe, AZ

Category: Restaurant

Chalo's Casa Reynoso

5865 West Ray Road, Chandler, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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They are both great places to eat great Mexican food.

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