5 Lowbrow Desserts That Deserve More Street Cred

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Rachel Miller
Shoo fly pie.

Shoo Fly Pie

A Pennsylvania Dutch classic treat, I've tried putting Shoo Fly Pie on the specials menu at various restaurants I've worked, and have never sold it out. A rich, molasses pie, it is super-simple to make. Literally whisk together, throw in pie crust top with crumb, bake, eat.

I've tried to gussy up Shoo Fly, but she is perfect in her simple form. Rich, gooey and so sweet.

No Bakes

My mom never made no bakes, but I had friends whose mothers turned them out for different events and birthdays. Oats, peanut butter, chocolate, yes, thanks!

My friends and I would whip up a batch then eat these till we were ill. The least appealing of cookies, they aren't gorgeous by any means. However, they are the anti-bakers way to make a delicious cookie.

One of my oldest friends still makes these every year for her Christmas cookie box, and I usually gobble them down first.

Tapioca Pudding

I loved days when we would get to the dinner table and my mom had made tapioca pudding for dessert. Served a bit warm, the fat pearls swelled and thick with milk, topped with cold, slightly sweet whipped cream. Heaven, in my young mind . . . even in my adult mind.

If you hate the texture of tapioca pearls, then this isn't your bag. You can dress it up with mangos or coconut milk, but to me it is beautiful in it's original un-gussied up form.

Resurrect some of your old favorite desserts. They may not be super-sexy, but they will inspire memories, and help you remember where your young taste buds started their culinary adventure.

Rachel Miller is a pastry chef and food writer in Phoenix, where she bakes, eats, and single-handedly keeps her local cheese shop in business. You can get more information about her pastry at www.pistolwhippedpastry.com, or on her blog at www.croissantinthecity.com.

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I totally agree...especially with Banana Pudding! If you haven't had it in the South, you need to take a trip. I am a California native living in Phoenix, but I spent 7 years in Fort Worth, TX. Banana pudding is a staple on dessert menus in Texas, especially barbecue joints. And if there aren't Nilla Wafers, it isn't real banana pudding!  


What IS a "Texas Sheet Cake" anyway?  Every recipe for one I've ever read would produce something wildly different from every other recipe I've read.  The only commonality seems to be they have chocolate frosting.  Well, big deal. 

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