5 Lowbrow Desserts That Deserve More Street Cred

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Rachel Miller
Banana pudding from Lumberyard Brewing.

Lowbrow - n. One having uncultivated tastes.

When I was a kid -- let's say 8 years old -- I would often spend the night at my grandma's house. She lived in a duplex, and her house was locked with skeleton keys. There was a huge collection of costume jewelry and scarves for playtime, and she would let me clip all the scarves to her clothesline so I could watch the colors blow in the breeze.

The highlight of these sleepovers was a trip to Ponderosa Steakhouse, where I would order the salad bar, then go to town eating an Oreo-laden whipped cream/frosting/pudding concoction that was located near the Jell-O. I laugh now and also am disgusted by how much of that stuff I ate, but I was a kid and Oreo whipped cream was an adventure.

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I love every dessert on this list. They haven't been reduced to a foam or listed as "deconstructed" on the menu -- they are simple, unsexy desserts. They deserve some street cred for their amazingly humble flavors.

The desserts bring back memories, and tasting them again as an adult, it's like, "Damn, I was a smart kid! This is tasty!" Well, except maybe that Oreo whipped cream/frosting/pudding mixture.

Banana Pudding

My husband dragged me camping last year. After the first night, we bailed, due to extreme cold. We ended up in Flagstaff at Lumberyard Brewing Company. Good beer. Good burgers. On a whim, my husband ordered the banana pudding.

It hit the table and after the first bite, we both looked at each other. Holy shit, this is really good! It comes in a mason jar with cream vanilla pudding, bananas, vanilla wafers, and whipped cream, all for $4.95. (Add a dollar if you want to take it to go.)

Texas Sheet Cake

I haven't had a great sheet cake in a long time. I don't know whether people stopped making it or whether they go overboard trying to sexy up something that should remain simple.

That golden buttery cake with a thick layer of sweet milk chocolate frosting . . . Is there anything better with a glass of milk? This is what I want at a family picnic on a beautiful day.

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Lumberyard Brewery

5 S. San Francisco St., Flagstaff, AZ

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I totally agree...especially with Banana Pudding! If you haven't had it in the South, you need to take a trip. I am a California native living in Phoenix, but I spent 7 years in Fort Worth, TX. Banana pudding is a staple on dessert menus in Texas, especially barbecue joints. And if there aren't Nilla Wafers, it isn't real banana pudding!  


What IS a "Texas Sheet Cake" anyway?  Every recipe for one I've ever read would produce something wildly different from every other recipe I've read.  The only commonality seems to be they have chocolate frosting.  Well, big deal. 

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