20 Lessons Learned at Devoured Food + Wine Classic 2014

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Katie Johnson
If you plan on attending Devoured next year, let us give you some pointers. See the full slideshow from Devoured Day 2 here.
Imagine a magical land where the best Valley restaurants are crammed into one courtyard serving flavor-packed samples to grab your attention and win you over. That magical land happened Sunday at Devoured, where Phoenix's top spots, including Crudo, Virtu, and FnB, set up shop at the Phoenix Art Museum for the afternoon. While last year's Devoured suffered from a cramped, hard-to-navigate layout, this year's event was spread out and easier to get around. After a couple of years of hitting up the popular food festival, we have learned a lot about how to survive a day of devouring Devoured.

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1) Prepare to feel like the foie gras goose. Don't bother eating breakfast the day of -- or even dinner the night before. Save precious stomach space for the bounty of classy bites you'll be downing. This year, pretty much every possible cut of pork was en vogue, from butt to tail and, of course, lots of belly.

Katie Johnson
Did Petite Maison make ice cream? No, it's just some more foie gras.
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2) Speaking of foie gras, it was still the "it" ingredient this year and probably will be again next year. While bone marrow seems to have fallen out of style since last year's event, foie gras made a strong showing with Petite Maison's foie mousse, Relish's foie gras-topped burger, Crudo's fegatelli, Kai's deconstructed foie gras based soup, and probably about 10 other things that don't immediately come to mind. Point is -- if you like foie gras, you'll be in luck. If if you don't, you're less likely to gain those 10 extra Devoured pounds.

3) Don't be shy and don't judge before you try. To be honest, we looked at The Gladly's pickled pork butt with apple and whole grain mustard seed and felt like passing. However, the dish actually ended up being a favorite, once we got over the whole cold meat thing.

4) Junk food is so last year, thankfully. There were a few cheesy puff and Frito-covered dishes last year that left us unimpressed. While Tuck Shop gets points for creative, easily portable plating by using their snack bags as the bowl, their flaming hot Cheeto buffalo wings just didn't do it for us.

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Roe J. Vogeney
Roe J. Vogeney

Oh yes, I learned all these lessons too. Good Advice.

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