15 Essential Spirits Under $50 to Stock Your Home Bar

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What You Need It For: Use it as the spirit base substitute for your favorite drinks for a smoky, exciting change of pace. Also, cool points for having a bottle of mezcal.
Which Brand to Buy: Del Maguey
How Much It Costs: $44

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What You Need It For: Harvey Wallbanger (though it's infinitely more fun to just walk up to a bar and say it), Yellow Bird, Milano Cocktail
Which Brand to Buy: Galliano
How Much It Costs: $36


What You Need It For: Negroni, Americano, Cocktail Maison
Which Brand to Buy: Campari
How Much It Costs: $21

Since everything on the list will cost you about $450, it's best to build up your bar slowly and remember how expensive all of these spirits can be, even at mid-level, next time you're bummed about paying $10 or more for a craft cocktail at your favorite bar.

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Evelyn Garcia
Evelyn Garcia

Victor Quezada do you have these in your collection?


Not for nothing, but you really only have 8 "Spirits" listed. I suggest amending the title to read 15 Essentials Under $50 to Stock Your Home Bar..

Andrew Chapin
Andrew Chapin

If you want it, bring it. Then leave the rest for my next party.

Traci Phelps
Traci Phelps

I watched a 20/20 episode a few years ago with "vodka snobs" on it. They couldn't taste the difference between Grey Goose and Schmirnoff. Paying for the name, people.

Shelley Rayford
Shelley Rayford

With the exception of Gin and Rum, you don't need any of those items. Where is the Grey Goose, Cabo Wabo or Patron? I always make my Mai Tai's without orange liquor and they are amazing.

Tony Baroni
Tony Baroni

I've worked in many bars, and half the stuff listed is barely used in busy bars.

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