15 Essential Spirits Under $50 to Stock Your Home Bar

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Home bars don't need to have everything-- here's a good place to start.
If you're looking to start or just beef up your home bar, it can be pretty tricky to know which spirits and liqueurs will get you the most bang for your buck. Without going low on the liquor shelf, we've assembled a list of fifteen recommendations under $50 that will keep you experimenting and mixing up a variety of classic and modern cocktails at home without completely breaking the bank. While it isn't a complete list, leaving off a multitude of cordials and even some more basics spirits, it's a good place for any home bartender to get started with classic recipes. Unfortunately, you're on your own when it comes to the syrups, citrus, and herbs.

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Rye Whiskey
What You Need It For: Sazerac, Manhattan, Vieux Carré
Which Brand to Buy: Rittenhouse Bonded
How Much It Costs: $25


What You Need It For: Gin Gimlet, Singapore Sling, Tom Collins
Which Brand to Buy: Farmer's Organic
How Much It Costs: $33

Cognac adds richness to classic cocktails.

What You Need It For: Sidecar, Vieux Carré, Champagne Cocktail
Which Brand to Buy: Claude Chatelier VSOP
How Much It Costs: $25

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Evelyn Garcia
Evelyn Garcia

Victor Quezada do you have these in your collection?


Not for nothing, but you really only have 8 "Spirits" listed. I suggest amending the title to read 15 Essentials Under $50 to Stock Your Home Bar..

Andrew Chapin
Andrew Chapin

If you want it, bring it. Then leave the rest for my next party.

Traci Phelps
Traci Phelps

I watched a 20/20 episode a few years ago with "vodka snobs" on it. They couldn't taste the difference between Grey Goose and Schmirnoff. Paying for the name, people.

Shelley Rayford
Shelley Rayford

With the exception of Gin and Rum, you don't need any of those items. Where is the Grey Goose, Cabo Wabo or Patron? I always make my Mai Tai's without orange liquor and they are amazing.

Tony Baroni
Tony Baroni

I've worked in many bars, and half the stuff listed is barely used in busy bars.

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