10 Really Weird Hot Dogs

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Frank Restaurant
This one-of-a-kind hot dog can be had only in Austin.

No longer just a thing of questionable meat byproducts and discarded parts, hot dogs have gone gourmet, and the results are as delicious as the meat choices are surprising.

As home of the Sonoran dog, Arizona is an inventive place for hot dog toppings. Needless to say, you won't find salsa or avocado on this list. Instead, these dogs feature foie gras, peanut butter, turducken, poached egg, potato pierogi, and more. Here are 10 truly delicious yet totally bizarre hot dogs you'll want to track down.

The Dog: Jackalope
Where to Get It: Frank Restaurant (Austin)

You'll think the mythical creature really exists after one bite of this in-house blend of smoked antelope, rabbit, and pork sausage. It's served with cherry compote, Sriracha aioli, and cheddar cheese. Enjoy it along with sides like Reuben fries, loaded baked potato salad, Frito pie, and sweet Southern slaw.

The menu features over 20 specialty hot dogs infused with Asian flavors.

The Dog: Shrimpy Chili
Where to Get It: Japadog (New York and Vancouver)

The all-American food gets a Japanese makeover at this Canadian restaurant -- talk about global flavors. Try shrimp sausage topped with more shrimp and a signature chili sauce. Or, get shrimp tempura served on rice and a hot dog bun. Other unique toppings include bonito flakes, tonkatsu sauce, yakisoba noodles, kimchi, tobiko caviar, and Japanese croquette (fried mashed potatoes). And for dessert have a deep-fried bun with black sesame ice cream.

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Short Leash Dogs

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Short Leash Sit...Stay

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