Taco Bell, Ben & Jerry's, and Pizza Hut Are Getting Weird with New Products

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Courtesy of Taco Bell
Spoiler Alert: Taco Bell's upping its breakfast game with waffle tacos.
When food companies get bored, the results can either be good or bad. While products like watermelon-flavored Oreos and McSalad Shakers might not have remained on menus and shelves long, important junk food inventions like stuffed-crust pizza and animal-style fries would probably never exist without the multitude of failures that came before and after their creation. Recently, Taco Bell, Ben & Jerry's, and Pizza Hut have all rolled out new additions, but not all of them have staying power--or even sound appetizing.

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According to Eater, Taco Bell has plans to release a new breakfast taco nationally. While you might be thinking steak and eggs, you'd be wrong. The Waffle Taco is pretty much what it sounds like: a syrupy mess of breakfast meat (bacon or sausage) and scrambled egg wrapped up in a taco. The new menu also features an A.M. Crunchwrap with eggs, hashbrowns, cheese, and steak, along with new breakfast burritos and grilled tacos.

Courtesy of Ben & Jerry's
Now your ice cream is as complicated on the inside as you.
Ben & Jerry's also announced via Twitter a new ice cream innovation soon to hit your grocer's freezer isle. According to Huffington Post, the product line includes four varieties of "Core" combinations, which include two ice cream flavors separated by a topping-like center. You can expect chocolate and peanut butter ice cream with a peanut butter fudge core and a raspberry and chocolate ice cream with a raspberry jam core. Rumor has it, the Hazed and Confused flavor is going to blow Nutella fans away.

Courtesy of Pizza Hut NZ
New Zealand can keep its Marmite pizza.
Finally, an odd menu addition to Pizza Huts in New Zealand has us pretty happy that we aren't Kiwis. According to the company's Facebook, CheeZee Marmite stuffed crust pizza is now a reality. That's right, folks. You can unfortunately get both "mozzarella" and the yeasty, protein-rich spread crammed into the crust of your Pizza Hut pizza.

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