Spring Training 2014: Your Ultimate Guide to Restaurants, Bars, and More in Metro Phoenix

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JK Grence
Sonoran dogs take classic ballpark fare and add some Southwestern flair.
It's that fantastic time of the year again where the ballparks open up and out-of-towners start flooding into the Phoenix area. Whether you're excited to test drive the new Cubs' stadium or just looking to support the D-Backs in as many games as you possibly can, chances are you'll be hopping all around the metropolitain area looking for great spots to chow down, drink up, and get some solid R&R in the sun before the summer comes. Even if you're not interested in baseball per se, there's enough good stuff to check out around town that'll make this time of year in Phoenix your favorite, too.


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John S Addy
John S Addy

Orlando, that's a nice pic. Mmmm brats!

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