Sasha Raj of 24 Carrots in Tempe: "I Wanted to Work for a Transparent Company"

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Lauren Saria
Sasha Raj of 24 Carrots in Tempe
Sadhana "Sasha" Raj
24 Carrots
Chef, owner

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The name 24 Carrots is a play on words that speaks directly to the Tempe restaurant and juice bar's mission: to provide pure food for everyone -- no matter what your dietary restrictions might be.

Owner Sasha Raj chose the name because 24-karat gold is pure gold, and when she started 24 Carrots as a juice bar more than five years ago, it was because she wanted to "work for a transparent company" that served food she could be proud of.

Raj, who studied biochemistry at Arizona State University, worked at a juice bar while she was a student. At the time, she had no intention of starting her own business but did hope the experience might teach her something. As it turned out, the job would teach her a lot about customer expectations -- and, more importantly, trust.

"A lot of people don't realize how much trust there is between customers and a restaurant," Raj says. "I realized how easily that trust can be broken."

Lauren Saria
A list of one 24 Carrots employee's allergies in the kitchen.
That's why when you come to 24 Carrots, the only things you'll get in your juice or smoothie are the ingredients listed on the menu. No additional sugar and no artificial anything. And no dairy products either, since the restaurant went vegan (like its owner) a few years ago.

"To me, it feels like a snowball and I'm chasing it downhill," she says of 24 Carrots. "I have no idea what it will be at the end, but it's very exciting."

Raj admits she had no intention for her juice bar to become a haven for those with dietary restrictions. But as a person who understands the difficulties of navigating a menu when you have dietary restrictions, she has a hard time saying no to substitutions, exceptions, and special requests. That's also why she hires only employees who are also vegetarian or vegan or have been at one time in their lives.

"I want our crew to understand -- with empathy -- what it feels like to be told no," Raj says.

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24 Carrots

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Salah Azam
Salah Azam

Love the most beautiful meaning of life, I hope the heart of any romantic shared by these meanings in these days of silent


LOVE 24 carrots. The BLT is better than the meat variety anywhere you'll go. I've taken several friends there that never thought they'd enjoy vegan cuisine. Now they ask me to go there when they want something delectable that doesn't weigh them down. The menu is ALWAYS changing because they use what is available that day or week. Last time I went and got a green smoothie, Sasha told me the greens were picked at an Organic farm nearby THAT morning. Try it!

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