Chakra 4 Herb & Tea House at Town and Country Will Become Sage Kitchen

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Dominique Chatterjee
Moroccan Nomad Stew from Chakra 4 Herb & Tea House
For years, Chakra 4 has been a hidden treasure for healthy and vegan diners. The restaurant is located in Town & Country Shopping Center, which recently benefited from the addition of a new Whole Foods Market and several restaurants.

Soon the tea shop, herbal store, and restaurant will join the slew of changes at the Central Phoenix plaza by taking a new name -- one that's meant to help customers differentiate Chakra 4's variety of offerings. As of March 1, Chakra 4 will become Sage Kitchen.

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The restaurant will continue to serve the same menu of fresh, organic, vegan food, and desserts. And it still will be owned by Kita Centella and Nick Brown.

According to the Sage Kitchen website, the owners decided to change the restaurant's name in order to differentiate the tea and herbal shop and the dining outlet and raise awareness that both exist.

"We've also learned that many potential guests find the name to be a bit confusing, hard to remember, and even walk right by us not realizing we are a restaurant," the website says.

The herbal shop also will have a new name soon, changing over to Chakra 4 Herb Co. It will still carry medicinal herbs and spices, essential oils, and teas. The company also expects to open a second location of Chakra 4 Herb Co. in Ahwatukee this year.

For more information about Sage Kitchen, visit the Sage Kitchen website or Chakra 4 Herb & Tea House Facebook page (it will become the Sage Kitchen Facebook on March 1).

Sage Kitchen
4773 N. 20th St.

11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday
11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays

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Sage Kitchen

4773 N. 20th St., Phoenix, AZ

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Todd Leith
Todd Leith

I noticed on subsequent vistis, they changed the signs on the tables which had stated that they were going to offer more omnivorous choices, to no changes at alll.

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