Oven+Vine in Phoenix: "It Will Be a Cozy Neighborhood Place" (Think Brick Oven Food, Beer, and Wine)

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The new restaurant will be inside a 1940s brick building near midtown's Willo neighborhood.
As we told you earlier this week, Portland's in downtown Phoenix closed its doors for good last Thursday. The restaurant's closure -- the result of a landlord dispute -- brought more than a decade of service to an abrupt end.

But Portland's owners, Michelle and Dylan Bethge, already have their hands in a new project, a restaurant called Oven+Vine, which will take over part of the 1940s brick building at 14 West Vernon Avenue, the same building that already houses Shine Coffee's Living Room.

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Dylan Bethge says they expect the restaurant to be open sometime this spring, though they also expect the process of re-adapting a historic building to be a time-intensive one. Bethge says the restaurant should be able to seat about 26 diners, with additional seating available on a patio that will overlook the pocket park installed earlier this year.

Bethge says the goal will be to create a "cozy neighborhood place" that's much more casual and family-friendly than Portland's used to be. Bethge says Oven+Vine will have little in common with Portland's at all.

"This will be a chance for us to try something different," he says.

As far as food, the menu will be "oven-driven" featuring slow-roasted brick oven fare. There also will be about a dozen beers available on tap and about that many wines available by the glass.

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14 West Vernon Ave, Phoenix, AZ

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Dante Mancini
Dante Mancini

Well... The good news is "it will have little in common with Portland's"

Darlene Hayden
Darlene Hayden

Psh....I'll pass. The lady owner has a terrible attitude.

Paul Benjamin
Paul Benjamin

Sadly it looks like Portands' signature martinis will not be there.


You don't know what you're talking about. The "lady owner" has a terrific attitude, her name is Michelle, which you would have known had you frequented Portland's enough to come up with such a conclusion. I have been going to Portland's on the regular for over four years now and thought they offered the best service available in Downtown Phoenix. 

Portland's always offered an outstanding neighborly experience, which I think speaks for its self considering they remained open for what I'm guessing is longer than your adult life. Can you name another local restaurant that can say the same?

So please don't bash the local owner of a family ran restaurant that will enhance the city. Downtown Phoenix doesn't need you. Psh.... Girl, stick to ZTejas. 

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