Noca Dinner Service Is Back and We Tried It

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By far, the best thing we ate during our meal was the pork chop, a pillar of tender meat that cut like no other piece of pork we'd ever eaten. The accompanying fingerling potatoes, nicely crisp on the outside, were a suitable accompaniment, but mostly we just wanted to use them to savor every drop of the drippings that gathered in the bottom of the bowl.

Evie Carpenter
Pork chop
Don't worry, that doesn't mean there's nothing for veggie-lovers here. In fact, the second-most memorable dish of the evening was the Panisse cake, a square of fried chickpea flour. Noca's panisse cake achieves a smooth interior that's so buttery it's almost like a custard, well-balanced by a delicately crisp exterior.

For dessert, there are still those cinnamon sugar-dusted doughnuts that many people loved so much -- and don't think for a second that you're leaving without a fluffy tower of cotton candy, a signature touch since the restaurant's initial opening.

As you would expect, the service is top-notch, with attentive servers -- perhaps even Wexler himself -- asking often (but not too often) if you've enjoyed your meal so far. While you're there, keep an eye on the kitchen to see the 22-year-old executive chef who's heading up the kitchen at one of the city's best-known restaurants. It's pretty impressive.

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3118 E. Camelback Road, Phoenix, AZ

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