Neknomination, a New Social Media Drinking Game, Turns Deadly

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When one-upmanship and heavy drinking meet, the results are deadly.
There's a new Facebook-based drinking game sweeping the U.K. and Australia and its extreme premise is being blamed for illness and even death. According to Time, the game Neknomination already has claimed the lives of four men under 30 years old in the U.K. with its severe challenges and viral quality. The booze-based game is simple, competitive, and now apparently deadly.

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If you felt peer pressure to drink in high school, it's nothing compared to Neknomination, which uses videos of teens drinking to get friends to drink in more extreme ways. After a Neknominated challenger completes the task, he then chooses the next person to outdo his video. Past challenge videos have included drinking while stripping down to lingerie in a store and cocktails mixed with dog food and even a dead mouse.

Hopefully Neknominating is a passing fas.

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