McDonald's Employee Caught Selling Heroin in Happy Meal Boxes

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What's so happy about heroin in Happy Meals? Spoiler alert: Nothing.
Back when we were kids, the simple joy of some chicken nuggets with honey dipping sauce, fries, a soda, and a mini Beanie Baby was all we expected to find in the big red Happy Meal box. However, according to CBS Pittsburgh, one employee has been using the childhood staple as a drug mule in one Pennsylvania McDonald's location. Drive-thru pickups, secret codes, and a narcotics sting make this story juicier than a quarter pounder with cheese.

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As CBS Pittsburgh reports, the District Attorney Narcotics Enforcement sent in undercover agents to a McDonald's after being tipped off that heroin was passing through the drive-thru window. Allegedly a potential customer would approach saying, "I'd like to order a toy." Then, after paying for their really happy meal at the first window, they would proceed to the second window and be handed a Happy Meal box containing the drugs.

So far only one employee, Shania Dennis, has been arrested in connection with this drive-thru drug operation. However, another McDonald's employee was arrested for a similar crime at a neighboring McDonald's.

It is currently unknown how long this Happy Meal heroin ring has been going on or just how much of the narcotic has passed through the golden arches, but at least 22 deaths have been reported in the area for Fentanyl-laced heroin.

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