How to Make Lamingtons, the Latest Cake Craze

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Rachel Miller
Lamingtons ready to eat.

My perfect alone time is at the end of the day, in bed with a glass of wine and Instagram. There are so many amazing pastry chefs, bakeries, and home bakers out there creating gorgeous product and uploading pictures to be scrolled through and drooled over. It is one of my favorite places to draw inspiration or lust after beautiful food.

Due to all the Australian bakeries I follow, one of the items I have been seeing pop up on a regular basis are cute little cake squares called lamingtons.

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These simple yet elegant squares are made up of a vanilla sponge cake, filling of either chocolate or a fruit jam, coated in chocolate and dredged in coconut. There are a variety of stories as to the origin, but most seem to involve a chap named Lord Lamington, his wife, Lady Lamington, and their chef, who either (depending on the tale) dropped cake into chocolate by mistake or needed a quick dessert for a dinner party finale. Either way, Lamingtons are a beloved and regular fixture in Australia, selling at bakeries and bake sales alike.

I love the look of the lamingtons, with their rustic exterior that is forgiving in perfection when dipped in chocolate and coated in coconut, yet they are perfectly acceptable adorning a pastry table.

For my lamingtons, I decided to use a fruit jam filling. While some can't tolerate fruit and chocolate, I love the combination and had to break out some of my marmalade.

Rachel Miller
Lamingtons filled with marmalade.

A couple of tips before you get baking.

• Use a square cake pan, as it makes it a million times easier to cut into equal pieces. I also like to put parchment paper in the pan to assist with the removal of the cake.

• Most recipes I've checked into call for desiccated, unsweetened coconut. Definitely consider using this in lieu of the shredded coconut we all have in the back of our pantry. The desiccated is much dryer and easier to coat the cake. The combination of the chocolate, cake and filling make the cake plenty sweet, so sweetened coconut is not needed.

• Experiment with your fillings. Jams, jellies, cream fillings. Have fun and make these your own.

• I added some coconut oil to my chocolate before coating. You can use canola oil, but I love coconut oil personally, which is why I used it here.

• You can use all-purpose flour in this recipe however I find that it makes the cake a bit denser. It will still be delicious.

• I use weights to bake. I love my scale, and it cost me only $35. I use it for all my recipes, and if you are an avid baker, I suggest you get a scale to work with, as it makes your baking much more precise.

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Laura Ory

No, but they sound delicious!

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