La Barquita vs. Rosita's Place: Menudo on McDowell

Natalie Miranda
Menudo from La Barquita in Central Phoenix.

Menudo is a Mexican soup, an enticing bowl of hominy and tripe (beef stomach) made with either red or white broth.

It's a well-known hangover cure. But don't save it just to bring you back to normal; it can be enjoyed when the temperature's lower or you just want a bowl of something to fill you up. We put Rosita's Place and La Barquita toe-to-toe against one another in an East McDowell Road showdown. With only three businesses separating the two restaurants, we wanted to find out who served up the best bowl.

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In This Corner: La Barquita

The Setup: This homey neighborhood spot is located in Central Phoenix. Owner and chef Jose Garcia of Jalisco, Mexico, cooks all the traditional Mexican dishes inside the compact restaurant. The restaurant is decorated in a gaudy but nostalgic style, with paintings of a warrior saving a distressed woman.

The Good: The menudo is full of tripe, our favorite part. All menudo orders come with four homemade tortillas and fixings on the side: cilantro, onions, and slices of lime.

The Bad: La Barquita offers only one size of menudo and only red. Although we were hyped by how much tripe was in the soup, there was no balance of hominy, giving us a feeling of being weighted down. Unfortunately, the red chile peppers (or any other flavors, for that matter) didn't shine through the soup, just the lime and onion added in.

Location Info

Rosita's Place

2310 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

La Barquita Restaurant

2334 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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