How to Make the Best Hurricane Cocktail

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You may have noticed that Mardi Gras is just around the corner. It's one of my favorite holidays to celebrate, largely because even if I'm not going to New Orleans, it's a grand opportunity to celebrate the Big Easy's rich cocktail culture.

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New Orleans is renowned for all manner of sophisticated cocktails. However, if you ask people to name a famous New Orleans cocktail, almost everyone is going to give you one response: the Hurricane.

The Hurricane goes back to the days of World War II. Whiskey was in high demand, but supplies were scarce at best. On the other hand, rum was cheap and plentiful, but nobody was drinking it. Liquor distributors required bars to purchase dozens of cases of rum for every case of top-shelf whiskey.

Since bars were sitting on scads of rum, they had to find a way to use it up. One New Orleans bar, Pat O'Brien's, mixed up a fruity red concoction with lots of rum, and served it in a bulbous glass shaped like a hurricane lamp.

While it's practically a requirement to stop at Pat O'Brien's for a Hurricane while you're on Bourbon Street, it's become more of a quick stop-and-get-it-over-with than a true cocktail destination. Pat's has used a pre-mix syrup for ages now; the official Hurricane might as well just be heavily spiked Kool-Aid. You can do much better at home, and mixing a Hurricane is as easy as it gets.

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Charlie Erb
Charlie Erb

best Hurricanes are at the Welcome Diner, 10th St and Roosevelt.

Kimberli Baker
Kimberli Baker be cancelled in Phoenix on account of rain. How embarrassing.

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