Grand Avenue Pizza Company Will Bring Late-Night Delivery to Downtown Phoenix

Grand Avenue soon will be able to add another dining destination to the growing list of restaurants found in the downtown Phoenix arts and small business district.

A new restaurant called Grand Avenue Pizza Company will be located at 1031 Grand Avenue, serving pizza by the slice within the next few months. Better yet, the restaurant will offer late-night (like, really late) delivery to the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Owner Carson Wheeler says he's not sure about an expected opening date yet because he doesn't think the space will be ready for a number of months. This will be Wheeler's first foray into restaurant ownership. He's originally from Virginia but has been living in the Valley for about three years.

As for the food, there's no menu yet, and Wheeler says he's not ready to specify what style of pizza the restaurant will serve. And though he says he has 11 years in the pizza industry, he'll be hiring someone else to oversee the kitchen operation.

The one thing he is sure about is that the restaurant will offer late-night pizza delivery. Wheeler says he hopes to be able to deliver until 4 a.m.

He says he chose Grand Avenue in part because of the proximity to friends, including the folks behind Bragg's Factory Diner.

"I think it's up-and-coming," Wheeler says of the area. "It's got a lot of room to grow."

Grand Avenue Pizza Company
1031 Grand Ave.

Editor's note: After this post was published, Wheeler called to tell Chow Bella he would not be hiring someone to oversee kitchen operations.

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Grand Avenue Pizza Company

1031 NW Grand Ave., Phoenix, AZ

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David James
David James

Now we just need truly late-night Chinese/Asian ... that delivers!

Becky Biggs
Becky Biggs

you mean someplace I can walk to and get food??


Hey New Times, please write an article about my business even tho I have no idea when I'll open or what will be on the menu... you guys amaze me with the non-news you report.  How bout using your skillz to write about already open places and give them a lil boost?  Unreal.


No business plan FTW!

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