Good Food Jobs Gives the Food World Its Own Job Search Engine

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Whether you're looking to grow or prepare food, Good Food Jobs can point you in the right direction.
Trust us, we've been there: Wading through Craigslist posts for job leads and getting spammed by job-search sites every 10 minutes for postings that in no way fit your requirements. The job hunt can be a total pain in the behind, but it may have just gotten a little easier for anyone looking for a job in any sector of the food world. Good Food Jobs, a new food-focused search engine, hopes to "link people in search of meaningful food work with the businesses that need their energy, enthusiasm, and intellect."

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Good Food Jobs is designed to service every aspect of the food world, from growing to preparation to education and advocacy. The current four Arizona listings on Good Food Jobs include a full-time line cook, an intern at a farm, a farm garden manager, and a food system coordinator. Though the pickins are pretty slim for in-state jobs -- and there weren't any in metro Phoenix -- the site and its current search engine declares itself "a work in progress."

Although Good Food Jobs primarily is a job-searching and posting tool, the two friends who operate the site also post their Gastro Gnomes blog through GFJ, which features some of the movers, shakers, and inspirational folks in the food world. The website also features a newsletter, an e-mail alert system, and listings for good food education programs.

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