Garage in North Phoenix: Happy Hour Report Card

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Heather Hoch
This Belgian Tripel pint is $7 during happy hour.
The Drink:
Drink prices at Garage are about $1 more than other places during regular hours, so during happy hour, drinks are discounted down to a not-so-competitive level. For example, wells are $5 during happy hour at Garage, when they're typically $3 or $4 other places. Wine is also discounted $2 off per glass and draft beer is knocked $1 down per pint. However, pints are mostly $6 during regular hours, whereas most other bars offer craft beer pints regularly priced at $5.

The Conclusion:
With some questionable menu choices and an absolutely gross "anti-pasto" plate, the food isn't going to get us to come back to Garage. Since the drinks are overpriced, even during happy hour, we aren't going back for those either. If you're in North Phoenix, just go to Richardson's for happy hour -- we guarantee you'll be much more satisfied.

Grade: D

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Location Info

Garage Restaurant & Bar

1534 E. Bethany Home Road, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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After giving this place 3-4 tries over the past couple years we finally gave up. Every time we drive by we're shocked to see people there. 


Tried to eat there once. Got seated. No one came to table to take order or bring water. Finally ordered. Waited 1/2 hour. Waiter came to tell us they were out of chicken-which was what we had ordered 1/2 hour earlier. We left and went to Phoenix City Grille where we always get great food and great service.

Martin Marlow
Martin Marlow

Harsh review! I've been there 3-4 times for drinks & dinner, and was happy with it. Not overjoyed, but quite satisfied.

Deanna Elliott
Deanna Elliott

As an Italian...everything in that picture is ALL wrong!

David Bickford
David Bickford

NoPho? Is that a Vietnamese restaurant somewhere? The location isn't really in north Phoenix, which generally means on the other side of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. North Central Phoenix maybe, but not North Phoenix.

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