7 Products We Really Want After Visiting the Arizona Cocktail Week Artisanal Spirit and Cocktail Market

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Lauren Saria
Captive Spirits' Bourbon Barreled Gin
On Monday, we hit the Artisanal Spirit and Cocktail Market, a part of Arizona Cocktail Week, to taste products from craft distillers from all over the country. The event featured dozens of craft spirits and well as other cocktail accouterments. Here are seven of the best things we tasted at the event (and more importantly, where to get them), including several products made right here in Arizona.

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The company: Captive Spirits (Seattle)
The product: Bourbon Barreled Gin
Where to find it: Distributed by Young's Market Company

It might be more common now than in the past, but it's still not every day you encounter a barrel-aged gin. And after one sip of Captive Spirit's Bourbon Barrel Big Gin, you'll be wondering why that is. It's aged six months in bourbon barrels once used by Heaven Hill Distilleries in Kentucky. If you're a gin fan already, you're going to like the fact that this is something pretty rare, and those fans of darker spirits will be attracted by the softness of the spirit and its oak flavor.

Lauren Saria
Arizona-made rum from Desert Diamond Distillery
The company: Desert Diamond Distillery (Kingman)
The product: Gold Miner Agave Rum
Where to find it: AJ's Fine Foods, Arizona Wine Company

You know Kingman, as in that city you stop in on your way to Vegas? Well, there's a distillery there that's making a nice selection of rums. We really liked the Gold Miner Dark Rum, which won a bronze medal from the Ministry of Rum in 2010, but the standout of those we tried was the Agave Rum. It's a lighter spirit that makes it easy to sip. If you're not into sweet spirits, you might prefer the Dark Rum, but the fact that it's Arizona-made makes it an extra unique after-dinner drink.

Lauren Saria
Big West Double Rye Whiskey
The company: High West Distillery (Park City, Utah)
The product: Rendezvous Rye
Where to find it: Bev Mo, Total Wine

This whiskey comes from High West Distillery and Saloon of Park City, Utah. The company cranks out a lineup of easy-to-appreciate whiskeys, and of those we tasted, we have no qualms about recommending the Rendezvous (though we also loved the unique Double Rye). Rendezvous is made by blending a 16-year-old rye with a 6-year-old-rye to make a unique drink that offers both the brightness of a young whiskey with the richness of an aged one. Of course, since it's already been named Best Rye Whiskey at the American Distilling Institute Craft Whiskey Competition, we weren't surprised we liked it so much.

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