Wait or Die: Gator the Waiter and the Endless Breadsticks

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Brandon Huigens
In Chow Bella's new comic, Wait or Die, we tell the stories of waiters and waitstaff from restaurants around the Valley. Submit your stories here: waitordie@newtimes.com -- and be sure to let us know if you wish to remain anonymous.



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Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker
Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker

This isn't too crazy, but I will never forget it. One of my first jobs was a bussing tables at the Spaghetti Company in Scottsdale. I was working the lunch shift, which was usually a rush of senior citizens. I did a round of filling everybody's water glasses in my section. I got to one table and an elderly lady stopped me. She told me she had watched me touch the pitcher to the rim of each person's glass and she didn't want to get any germs from anyone else what with the threat of ADIS and all. :O

Amanda Roberts-Deaton
Amanda Roberts-Deaton

When I worked in the food court in my late teens I would make comics about the adventures we had hah..good memories

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