The Market by Jennifer's Offers Plentiful Options with Upscale Price Tags

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Heather Hoch
Dine in or take out, The Market by Jennifer's is open with options.
Gaslight Square -- on the southeast corner of Indian School and 36th Street -- has become a hub for culinary delights, with Crudo, Beckett's Table, and Nook located in the same plaza. Recently, Jennifer's Catering opened a brick-and-mortar location in the southwest corner of the plaza to add to the options for dining in Arcadia. With grab-and-go options for breakfast and dinner, an array of olives and brined veggies, freshly baked pastries, and separate lunch and dinner menus, The Market by Jennifer's has a lot to offer for diners and on-the-go eaters, if you're willing to fork out the money for it.

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Walking in for the first time, The Market seems to fit right into the other restaurants in the area. It's a beautiful space with crystal chandeliers, rustic woodblock counters and food prominently displayed throughout the dining area. There are menus on the wall when you first enter for lunch, dinner, dessert, nosh boards, and even a kids menu. However, you can also choose to just grab a cheese and raspberry jam Danish, get curbside catering, or try out one of their pre-made meal options for the road.

Heather Hoch
The flaky Danishes come in a variety of cheese and fruit pairings.
The continental breakfast bags ($8) come in two varieties, one with a focus on the pastry and the other with cheese, meat and eggs. Heat and serve dinners, like roasted chicken ($12), grilled salmon ($14), chicken mole enchiladas ($12), and baked ziti ($9) are also a good quick option for eating on the go, keeping in the catering tradition.

We stopped in for lunch expecting a $8 to $10 price point, which seems to be standard for upscale lunch joints. However, the lunch entrée options all range between $11 and $13. Opting for the chicken schnitzel sandwich ($12), we were asked if we wanted a side, which are $4 or $5 extra depending on what you get. We got the herbed fries ($4) and an iced tea to accompany our schnitzel sandwich, amounting to a $20 lunch not including tip.

Heather Hoch
The chicken schnitzel was a delicious, crispy alternative to your typical fried chicken sandwich on a buttery brioche bun with grain mustard, julienned potatoes and bread and butter pickles. While those components were delicious together, half of the sandwich was a huge wedge of iceberg lettuce, which did little more for the dish than make it unwieldy. The fries were crunchy and golden, but $4 is a lot for fries, unless they're fried in duck fat.

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The Market by Jennifer’s

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Go now if you want to try it because it's only going to be open for a minute. $15 for charcuterie for two that was so embarrassing my wife and I laughed when we opened our to go bag. It would barely feed one and that's a stretch. The $4 soft pretzel was even worse. They should team up with the Chestnut Lane ladies and collectively send one person to business school. I feel like this concept was tested with a group of family and friends who didn't have the heart to tell them the truth.

You can literally eat at Crudo next door for half the price and get some of the best food in the valley.


Live nearby. Lovely decor. Strolled in, checked it out, ducked out. Wallet unscathed. whew.

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