Taco Bell Introduces Questionably Named Grilled Stuft Nacho

JK Grence
Hey, nacho thing, your red bits are showing.
The Guilty Pleasure: Grilled Stuft Nacho
Where To Get It: Taco Bell, locations everywhere
Price: $1.29, are you out of your mind?
What It Really Costs: You're learning a new word today.

I have to hand it to the R&D people at Taco Bell. It seems they have a nearly endless stream of brand new things to satiate my junk food ADD. Some of them like the Doritos Locos Tacos sparked a revolution for the brand. Others quietly faded from the limelight, hiding at the bottom of the menu before it's forgotten forever.

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The Grilled Stuft (their spelling, not mine. I know it's a tie-in to their Grilled Stuft Burrito line. Do they think the intentional misspelling makes it more hip and edgy?) Nacho is a rather clever item for Taco Bell to introduce. It's in the same vein as the Crunchwrap Supreme; since much of their business comes through the drive-thru lane, they made these to be eaten on the go, most likely with one hand.

The Grilled Stuft Nacho changes up the insides of the Crunchwrap Supreme without having to bring new ingredients to the kitchen. They fill a tortilla with ground beef, cheese sauce, sour cream, and corn chip strips. The whole thing is then folded into a triangular shape that's supposed to be reminiscent of a giant nacho chip.

It's a pretty clever idea. You get all the fun of nachos, but with a considerably reduced risk of getting cheese sauce everywhere.

In theory.

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Oh Taco Bell, you really need some new ideas. That said, these are actually not bad at all. It's too light on the beef though... at least the one I got at my local TB was. About a quarter of mine was filled with nothing but red nacho strips and... air. The other three quarters of it was pretty tasty, but like I said could have used a little more beef.


@miker00lz For the low price, I'm not surprised at the paltry meat portion.

It's a not uncommon practice for restaurants to take things the already have around the kitchen and combine them in different ways to create a new menu item. (Whoever was the first to put fried onion rings on a burger, I salute you.) Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Clearly, this thing is in the latter group.

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