Stuff I'm Geekin' On: Dolcetto

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Nathan Claiborn
Dolcetto= "little sweet one"

Let's take a trip to northeast Italy to the famous Piemonte (or Piedmont in English). Piemonte is most famous for Barolo and Barbaresco, serious and seriously expensive wines that are fantastic but outside of my wallet's reach. It's also famous for Moscato di Asti, the light, slightly bubbly dessert wine that is currently very in vogue with younger wine drinkers. But Barolo and Barbaresco have a younger sister who is the party girl of the bunch and her name is Dolcetto.

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PegnBob Briggs
PegnBob Briggs

Thanks to Katie and T Scott Stephens for introducing us to Dolcetto...and to Maureen McGrath Campbell for having a great supply!

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