New Top Chef Spinoff: Former Cheftestants Get Extreme

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We hope to see Huge Acheson, a Top Chef Masters contestant turned judge, back in either role.

Long-running reality competition shows like Project Runway, Survivor, and Celebrity Apprentice love to bring back former contestants for a second chance at the title. But after 10 regular seasons, five seasons of Masters, two seasons of Just Desserts, and an All-Stars season -- Top Chef is going to do one better. This Bravo TV show isn't settling to re-invite cheftestants for a reboot.

Top Chef Extreme debuts this summer, and the episodes will feature one-on-one cook-offs with chefs from both Top Chef and Top Chef Masters. The new series will culminate in a finale that pits the episode winners against one another to decide, once and for all, who is the fiercest chef among Top Chef alumni.

Cheftestants and judges have yet to be announced, and there's no word on what makes the new battles extreme. But we're hoping to see Hugh Acheson (Masters Season 3) and Tiffani Faison (Seasons 1 and 8) go hunting, butcher a moose with a chainsaw, and cook it over an open fire.

To what extremes do you want the chefs to go, and who do you want to see return?

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