Negroni: The Trendy Cocktail That's Been Around for 100 Years

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All you need to get your Negroni fix, though the gin and vermouth you use can change a lot.
"If you don't expect sweet and you're willing to get out of your everyday drink routine, it has a lot of depth of flavor," Hardin says. "We're not wired to like bitter, and sometimes you have to have one or two to get over it."

At The Gladly, Hardin has noticed a rise in popularity among customers, which he partially attributes to its novelty as a draft cocktail and also that it is offered for only $5 during happy hour. However, Dakota Melcher, a bartender at Hanny's, has noticed more people ordering their $8.50 Negroni in the past year than ever before.

"It's usually industry people ordering them," he says. "I hadn't even heard of it before I started working here."

Whether or not it's people in the bartending community driving the trend, both Hardin and Melcher note that Negroni has mass appeal for gin drinkers and those who typically stay away from the spirit due to its piney punch. Even at Hanny's, where they use the very juniper-forward Beefeater gin, Melcher says the Campari and sweet vermouth "kill the taste of gin." Hardin recommends a Negroni made with the sweetened Hayman's Old Tom for first-timers intimidated by the strong, bitter elements of the drink.

Once you pick you're gin style, all that's left is the garnish, which can be anything from candied orange to flamed orange peel in Hardin's experience, but a good lemon twist or orange peel does the trick for a classic take.

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