Merci French Café Operates in Scratch's Spirit but Has Some Growing To Do

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Heather Hoch
Duc Liao's desserts are back -- and, boy, are we excited.
When both Scratch locations in Scottsdale and Phoenix closed last year, it left a macaron-sized hole in our hearts. After the financial difficulties of rejuvenating the old Canvas building downtown, Duc Liao and his wife, Noelle, closed their operations. Luckily for Scratch enthusiasts (and there are quite a few), Liao re-opened the Scottsdale location near Indian School and Miller roads under the name Merci. While the new restaurant plays on the strengths of the previous iterations, it hasn't shaken some of the old weaknesses.

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If you ever dined at Scratch, you are familiar with a distinct French style in décor, with ornate wallpaper patterns contrasting with simple white walls and fashion photography spattering the walls. Merci is no different, though it has been altered from the original design. The real show-stopper at any Liao joint is the pastry case, and Merci is no exception -- you'll find a brightly lit spread of beautiful, simple, and inventive treats.

Heather Hoch
We decided to save dessert for last and started with the scallops. The $15.50 entrée is a steal, with fresh veggies and plenty of plump scallops to share, and while our portion was just slightly overcooked, the sauce was delicious and the vegetables crisp.

For a brief sweet reprieve, we tried the hot chocolate, which Liao makes a la minute. The insanely velvety cup of cocoa had as much bitter, creamy dark chocolate packed into it as it possibly could while still remaining liquid.

Heather Hoch
Next up was the rib eye, which was also about $15. The large steak. served atop a bed of thinly julienned French fries and smothered in a pepper gravy, was an unexpectedly fatty cut of meat, which made for a decadent combination along with the lightly creamy and spicy sauce. Unfortunately, under all that meat and sauce, the fries did tend to clump together and get soggy.

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Merci French Cafe and Pastisserie

7620 East Indian School Road, Scottsdale, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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Duc is an absolute treasure to the Valley dining scene. He's so genuine and the food he prepares is so high quality that it's a shock there isn't a perpetual line out the door here. I hope he's able to stay around for many more years. 

(He can also prepare completely custom cakes that will simply blow you away!)

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