Chef Johnny Chu Opening Two New Restaurants in Phoenix

Nikki Buchanan
Johnny Chu at Sochu House.
The new year is already shaping up to be a busy one for Johnny Chu.

The Hong Kong-born chef, along with wife, partner, and general manager Linda Q, are planning to open not one, but two Asian-themed restaurants in midtown Phoenix by the end of February. The couple currently operates SoChu House in Central Phoenix as well as T.Spot, the ramen, hot pot, and Asian tea house (formerly known as Tien Wong Hot Pot) in Chandler.

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Located at 7822 North 12th Street (12th Street and Northern), the two new restaurants, called Shabu Fondue and RedThai Southeast Asian Kitchen, will be adjacent to each other inside the same building.

Linda Q tells me Shabu Fondue essentially will be Tien Wong Hot Pot but with a more extensive soup broth and ingredient menu for guests to choose from when creating their own table-sharing soups. All the meat- and vegetarian-friendly broths will be gluten-free and made with zero oil.

RedThai Southeast Asian Kitchen, Linda says, will be a Thai and Vietnamese restaurant and bar with a focus on traditional offerings such as pho and Thai noodle dishes. The new restaurant will also offer a spin on Southeast Asian street eats, curries, spring rolls, and clay-pot creations.

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I've heard and read a lot about Chu's chow. Now that he's coming to a strip mall near me, I'll have to see what all the hubbub's about.

Efrem Acosta
Efrem Acosta

Way to go Johnny! Can't wait to check these out.

Bobby Wagner
Bobby Wagner

Wow yeah, like walking distance from my place Jay Bennett

Jay Bennett
Jay Bennett

Bobby Wagner In your neighborhood...

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