Jewel's Bakery & Café Delights the Gluten-Free and Friends

Judy Nichols
"The Lola," at Jewel's Bakery & Cafe, is a carnival of flavors, with its pancake or waffle base drizzled with housemade salted caramel and topped with chocolate chips, peanuts, peanut butter cheesecake mousse, and bacon dipped in chocolate ganache.

I'm so excited that I'm doing the gluten-free happy dance.

Jewel's Bakery & Café, where everything is gluten-free -- and I mean everything -- has opened at 4041 East Thomas Road, so very, very close to my house.

I've been waiting, and not very patiently. A couple of times, I actually stopped and pressed my nose against the window, peering in to try to assess how close it was to opening.

Well, it opened just before Christmas and it was almost as if Santa knew I needed a little something extra under the tree.

Judy Nichols
Jewel's Bakery & Cafe has cases filled with beautiful and tasty cupcakes and doughnuts.

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So, you might not be surprised when I was one of the first through the door on the morning it opened. I bought cupcakes and muffins, beautiful tasty things that I shared with my officemates, who deemed them excellent.

I went back to try something for breakfast, and owners Julie Moreno and her daughter, Justine Hankerson, brought me "The Lola," a carnival of flavors, with its pancake or waffle base drizzled with housemade salted caramel and topped with chocolate chips, peanuts, peanut butter cheesecake mousse and bacon dipped in chocolate ganache.

I also tasted two of the doughnuts, one with maple frosting and bacon bits and the other with peanut butter and jelly. Both were amazing.

Jewel's has a whole bakery case filled with beautiful and delicious pastries: doughnuts and scones, different flavors every day, cinnamon raisin sweet rolls, sticky buns, cupcakes, cupcakes, and more cupcakes.

But it also serves main courses for breakfast and lunch.

There are biscuits and gravy, with sausage or bacon, or sandwich-style with eggs, bacon and cheddar cheese. Jewel's has pancakes or waffles: apple cinnamon topped with housemade caramel and plain with blueberry compote and fresh whipped cream.

And quiche.

And appetizers like meats, cheeses, nuts and olives with toasted baguette, or hummus with olives, feta, grape tomatoes, and herb flatbread.

And salads. And sandwiches, BBQ, grilled cheese, Greek chicken salad, BLT, and roasted veggie. And flatbreads with five different amazing sets of toppings.

And you can have any of it. Any of it.

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Jewel's Bakery & Cafe

4041 E. Thomas Road, Phoenix, AZ

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Jennifer Bates
Jennifer Bates

Not just for the gluten-free - delicious food and treats for everyone! :)

Kimi Lynn
Kimi Lynn

Leslee Nichole Ridgeway have you heard about this new bakery/cafe?!

Rebecca Clark
Rebecca Clark

This place has the best food!!!! You don't have to be gluten free to enjoy it either, it's just damn good!

Max Lee
Max Lee

Kimi Lynn check this out gurl!!!

Sara N Matt Bryant
Sara N Matt Bryant

WOW!! Thank you Andy Jaurigue and Don Wall!! Amanda Brenaman Sonnichsen, have you been here? I am so excited!!!!

Andy Jaurigue
Andy Jaurigue

Sara N Matt Bryant you should check this out

Don Wall
Don Wall

Sara Bryant, have you heard about this place?

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