10 National Food Trends for 2014 Translated for Arizona

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The plates may be cleared from the 2013 dining table (don't let the door hit you on the way out, Cronut), but that doesn't mean a new slew of food trends for 2014 aren't already being served up across the country.

From the "hottest" to the "most disgusting" to those from industry experts, food and drink predictions for 2014 are everywhere -- and in almost any form you'd like.

What do they mean for Arizona? Time will tell. But to prepare, here are ten of them interpreted specifically for our state's more interesting aspects.

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Pulchritudinous Stuff

Trend: Distracted Dining
What it Means: "Restaurants are beginning to put menu items into forms that accommodate the cell phone obsessed -- so you can eat with one hand, while the other holds the phone." (via: Food Channel)
Arizona Translation: Food that can fit into a gun holster.

Trend: Entomophagy
What it Means: Edible insects (via: Details)
Arizona Translation: Do scorpions count? If so, let us know where to send them.

Trend: Haute Jewish Cuisine
What it Means: High-class deli food. (via: CNN Wire)
Arizona Translation: Chompie's Jewish Sliders -- now with pickle!

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