Country Velador of Super Chunk Sweets and Treats on Black Licorice for People Who Don't Like Black Licorice and Yupha's Thai Kitchen

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Lauren Saria
Country Velador and husband Sergio at Super Chunk Sweets and Treats in Scottsdale.
This is part two of our interview with pastry chef Country Velador of Super Chunk Sweets and Treats in Scottsdale. In addition to opening her own sweet shop, Velador also crafts the dessert menu for Cowboy Ciao restaurant and helps supply bread for Counter Intuitive, the grab-and-go sandwich shop that will be headed up by Cowboy Ciao's former sous chef Garrison Whiting. On Monday, we talked to Velador about how Super Chunk got its beginnings in caramel corn. You can read that part of the interview with Country Velador here.

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Lauren Saria
But the Super Chunk brand has come a long way since its caramel-y beginnings. Recently, Velador began making her own black licorice candies, which she calls "black licorice for people who don't like black licorice." It's an accurate description, too. They're a softer version of the kind you're probably imagining and feature a milder flavor thanks to a well-balanced combination of anise, fennel, and green chartreuse.

Velador says she's excited to begin playing with recipes for taffy, too, with plans for unique flavors such as violet, elderflower, and lychee.

They've also begun a weekly promotion called The Dark Side of the Moon Pie, which will mean you can snag a slice of pie (perhaps even a slice of her Pie Social award-winning pie) for $5. The couple has plans for After School Special -- which Sergio describes as "happy hour for kids and kids at heart." Soon, you'll be able to swing by in the afternoons for a slice of cake and a glass of milk or non-alcoholic punch. A sort of G-rated after-work treat.

Oh, and there's that small barrel of vanilla extract she has sitting tantalizing on the shelf. In a few months, she'll be able to bottle it and sell the barrel-aged vanilla extract that made her Angel Food "Bread" Pudding such a hit. Velador says she hopes to be able to bottle her own extract in the future -- and with her track record, we have no doubt she will.

With all the plans for taffy, candies, and whatever other pet projects Velador has up her sleeve, it seems Super Chunk is poised to fill at least part of the hole left when Smeeks, the retro candy store owned by Georganne Bryant, closed last month.

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