5 Ways to Cook and Bake with Citrus

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Rachel Miller
Blood oranges ready to be picked at Agritopia Farms.
In my house, we have been watching a lot of Alaska: The Last Frontier of late, and some days I dream about being a homesteader. The TV show follows the story of three generations of hardcore homesteaders living in the harsh Alaskan frontier, growing, raising, hunting, or gathering everything they need to survive long, snowy winters.

I do love the gauzy dream of growing your own food and knowing where it all comes from. I can picture harvesting crops and making delicious meals, complete with a rustic backdrop. In actuality, this is a challenging and sometimes severe reality to live. There often isn't room in the daydreams for crop failure, pests, harsh elements, or the general labor of farming.

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This is more than likely why I love U-Pick. We swoop in at the end, circumvent the hard work of keeping the plants/trees healthy, fed, watered, protected from harsh elements like sun and frost, and reap the benefits for a little money, plus a fun afternoon in the orchard picking.

Rachel Miller
The orchard at Agritopia Farms.

Beautiful citrus will pop up at the farmers markets over the next few months or you can channel your inner gatherer and make a trip to The Farm at Agritopia to take advantage of its U-Pick. Stepping into the vibrant green orchard, you become intoxicated by the perfume of fresh citrus. Orange bulbs droop from the branches, weighing the trees down, begging to be plucked and brought home to the kitchen.

Now that you have sacks of blood oranges, lemons and grapefruit, what to do with these lovelies?

Rachel Miller
The latest addition the Agritopia Farms, the roaming chickens.

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The Farm at Agritopia

3000 E. Ray Road, Gilbert, AZ

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