15 Pieces of Advice Valley Chefs Would Give to Their Younger Selves

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Saul Velasquez
Executive Chef, Blanco Tacos + Tequila

Stay humble. Humility is one of the many skills that a good leader/chef needs to have to succeed.

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Don Carey
Corporate Culinary Chef, TQLA

Step and think outside the comfort zone.

Ryan Peters
Executive Chef, Tonto Bar & Grill

Never take any job for granted and learn everything you possibly can from the restaurant where you're employed. Your job title has little to do with how much you want to get out of your job and career. It's about how much you really want to push yourself to be the best at what you do.

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Chef Herb Wilson,
Sumo Maya (opening in 2014)

Have patience and develop your own culinary voice.

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Joey Maggiore
Owner and Chef, Cuttlefish Ocean Kitchen

I would tell my younger self to become an attorney.

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