Urban Tacos, a Gourmet Taco and Salsa Bar, Coming to Central Phoenix

Gourmet tacos and signature salsas are coming to Central Phoenix in January by way of a new restaurant called Urban Tacos.

The project of Valley native Tim Perkins, owner of the defunct Timothy Michael's Hideaway in Phoenix, Urban Tacos will be located at 6522 North 16th Street (formerly Europa Pastry Cafe) at 16th Street and Maryland Avenue.

"I've been looking at the area for a long time -- a lot of great restaurants have been going in there" says Perkins, a 35-year veteran of the food and beverage industry. "I'm not trying to be a traditional Mexican restaurant -- I'm going to be putting my own spin on things."

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Perkins says the idea to open a taco shop was inspired by the numerous taco stands across the Valley as well as raves from family and friends about his homemade salsas.

"We're going to make our own chips," Perkins tells me. "We don't have the space to make our own tortillas, but we'll source them locally, like a lot of our other ingredients."

Although Perkins is still working on the menu, diners can expect an ever-changing array of salsas that might include habenero, a smoked pecan crema, and a green chile and cilantro aioli. Tacos, priced at $2.50 and $4.50, may feature creations such as beer battered shrimp with jicama, avocado, and cucumber salsa; pork belly with a hatch chile demi glace and green chile potato; and marinated and grilled octopus with onions, poblano, and a chimichurri salsa.

The menu will also offer a selection of tostadas, burritos, quesadillas, and soups as well as margaritas, wine, and beer.

Designed by Perkins' wife Lisa, who describes the look as "industrial chic," Urban Tacos' 2,000-square-foot space will seat around 45.

Perkins tells me he hopes to open by the middle of January. For more details, go to the restaurant's website or follow Urban Tacos on Facebook.

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Urban Tacos

6522 North 16th Place, Phoenix, AZ

Category: Restaurant

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While there was a time when the thought of some new, Mexican-esque eatery setting up shop a stone's throw from Richardson's would have struck me as tantamount to proprietary suicide, I don't think that's the case these days.

I do think Urban Tacos really needs to bring it, though. They're about to compete with one tough hombre, and don't be surprised if Badass Browne debuts a whole new line of tacos and salsas on his hard-to-beat happy hour menu the minute they open their doors (or before). Just sayin'.  


This is fantastic news. I've had Tim's tacos and they are the BEST!  


Sounds like a rip off attempt on La Condesa which already has great salsa's and tacos just down the street. 

Sindi Stack
Sindi Stack

OH NO. Not more MEXICAN food. Enough is enough.

Sindi Stack
Sindi Stack

WTF. More MEXICAN food. There is already too much of this type of food around Phoenix. How about something different in a restaurant like Malaysian? Even more French or some good AMERICAN (meat loaf, stews, etc) restaurants.


@proudofthecoyotes So, La Condesa invented the salsa bar concept? Just so you know, it was actually Al Gore who first paired multiple topping options with tacos. Point being, you're way off base here. Besides, conventional wisdom with regard to same concept restaurant competition suggests that any two similarly-modeled restaurant concepts situated more than a mile or two away from each other aren't competing for the same crowds. And La Condesa isn't really "just down the street" from 16th Street at Maryland, now, is it?

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